MILANELLO – Here’s what Massimiliano Allegri had to say to the gathered journalists in today’s press conference ahead of the
Milan Derby tomorrow evening at the San Siro:

“I think that the derby is a game apart and there are no favorites even though generally, the team ahead in the league is favorite. They have 5 points on us and so
they’re the favorites. I’d like to have a nice break and a result tomorrow would be important for that. We know it’ll be difficult
as they have players of great international experience. We’ll have to play a big game and be a lot slier than them. Winning the
Champions League and the domestic league needs a level of slyness and the ability to understand that in certain moments, it’s important not to concede. I envy Inter nothing. I’m happy with the players available
to me as they are young and enthusiastic, even though sometimes we make mistakes
that have to be cut out”.

“Every coach is different from the others. El Shaarawy is at the start of his career and has to grow under from many points of
view and to show that he deserves to stay at this club for years to come. He improved a
lot last year and those performances are helping him now. But he still has to improve
in terms of game play, he helps the defense and runs well but he has to learn to move more off the ball but these are things that
he’ll learn playing and with the work he does day to day. On Wednesday we finished the game with three at the back. We’d been
working on that for a while and tomorrow I’ll make my decisions. Inter will play more or less as they have been and based on how I see the game developing, we’ll play with one formation or another. Regardless of the formation it’s still player against player and
you have to be good to give yourself an advantage. I’ll see about Antonini and Ambrosini after training today”.

“The team is growing. We have to defend better as a team and that’s something to improve. We have to improve the accuracy of our rosses as we’ve crossed a a lot in the last few games. The fans have been exceptional, most of all when we’ve lost. They’ve stayed behind us and I don’t think
they’ll be missing tomorrow night either. A three man defense could be a solution for a more attacking line-up. Cassano is an extraordinary player. There aren’t many players in the world who can pass the ball like him. He played a lot when he was here
and was a big player in our title win. In his second year he was playing all the time prior to his heart problem”.

“When he came back and went to the Euros with the Italian team, that was thanks to Milan. The president will be in Russia
tomorrow and he was very happy with Wednesday’s match. He’s always close to the team and knows that the players are doing.
The team is improving in their game play and we have to improve how we defend as
a team. Depending on the team that we face and their strikers, we can change the two central defenders. Antonini has played well when he has played like De Sciglio while Abate is getting better. He came from a very
full summer of football and has had some muscular problems as well. We made some mistakes on Wednesday and these are
situations that have to improved fast. I think that Boateng’s performances have been
conditioned by the injury to his hand. He should be a bit better tomorrow and that’ll be a weight off his mind. He can and he will
do much more and he’ll have a good year”.