Milan-Cagliari: Post-Match Comments


“Only the result mattered tonight. We’ve played better than we did in the first half. De Jong and Ambrosini in front of the defense
looks like a good solution and I’ve said this to Tassotti and Allegri. I adored Capello’s Milan and by friend Leonardo played that
way too. We had Boban in Capello’s team.

El Shaarawy is a 20 year old player and both him and De Scilgio started tonight. We invested in El Shaarawy, a lot of money was
spent, but we thought and we think that he’ll be an important player. I like him a lot because he runs like a madman and I like
forwards who help out the defense as well.

He reminds me of Eto’o in that way. We have to get balls into Pazzini. It’s clear that we have to find a formation that will bring the bets out of the players that we have and in Allegri and tassotti we have two great coaches who can do that. The fans were
great because it’s easy to follow the team when they’re winning and if they contested the team tonight that would have done
damage as a few of the players were a bit nervous before the game. I want to thank
the fans for their support in what has been a terrible start to the season.

I hope tonight’s win will help the
atmosphere. We definitely don’t have a worse team that that the team’s we have lost against. Robinho came back tonight and
Pato will be back soon and with Niang up front we have a lot of options.

Tassotti could have left before but he wants to stay with us and he’s much more than a vice coach. Thanks again o the fans”.


“It wasn’t easy tonight and it was a difficult pitch as well. Then Conti got sent off and things got easier for us. This group needed this result. Things have been negative. We scored and we didn’t concede so we can start off from that. We can then analyze the things we didn’t do so well, we can make
some changes to give more security to the team. We’ll be up against Parma on Saturday
but we’re up and running now.

The team is getting to know Pazzini and getting crosses
in. I hope that El Shaarawy is still a long way from where he can get to. He gave us a lot this evening in attack. I’m very happy to have won, there was a bit of luck, but better than bad luck.

Last year I said no to Lazio and decided to stay here, it was an important moment in the season. It’s not easy to decide to leave as
a player and it’s still not easy.”

“The three points were important. We played better at Udine but it was important to get moving on the board. We even looked a bit
nervous in the second half but we gave away very little. El Shaarawy has talent and time is on his side. He played a good game today but it should be starting point not an
arrival. Tassotti and Allegri work well together, they’re a good couple”.

“We’re satisfied, we really wanted this win and now we have to think of Saturday. We have to improve as well. We stuck together when we suffered though and this year we all have more responsibility and have to give more. El Shaarawy and I are here now when the young players are getting a chance and we have to give our all when we have the
chance to play”.